Robot Operating System

Here I will put some examples and documentation.

How to install the example used in the DAT295 lecture:

We assume ROS Kinetic is already installed on Debian Jessie. First we install an additional package.

sudo aptitude install ros-kinetic-robot-pose-ekf

Setup the workspace:

mkdir -p ws/src
cd ws/src
source /opt/ros/kinetic/setup.zsh
git clone
git clone

First source the setup:

source ~/ws/devel/setup.zsh

Start the simulator:

roslaunch amr_robots_gazebo example-pioneer3at-world.launch

Then start localization:

roslaunch p3at_controller robot_pose_ekf.launch

Finally start the line following controller.

rosrun p3at_controller

In my case I have to reset the robot pose in Gazebo to get the robot moving.